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Virginia Issues

Proven leadership.  Real solutions.

Restoring the Commonwealth and the economy to prosperity. Rich’s experience in working with industry and high-tech firms for the Air Force makes him uniquely qualified to help bring prosperity back to our families.  He will work hard to keep taxes low, help small businesses grow, and keep Virginia the best place in the nation to do business.

Opposing tax increases and wasteful government spending. Rich believes the last thing we need in a time of economic crisis is higher taxes or more wasteful government spending.  Instead, spending must be prioritized to those most important government functions such as education, transportation and public safety.

Finding real solutions to the problems of traffic and transportation: Get our fair share of state transportation dollars, reform and streamline VDOT, and give local communities more control of transportation decisions.

Improve education by restoring control of our schools to parents, teachers and local community leaders, and getting dollars and discipline back into the classroom.